28 October, 2013

Finger less gloves

The weather is getting chilly, and soon we already started to wear sweaters. So whats not better then having finger less knitted gloves to keep us warm on chilly mornings on our way to work. Now your palm and bottom of your hands are warm, and your fingers are free 

22 June, 2013

New expression project :D

   So, what does this teen love to do on her summer dog days? Teach others her passion to other young and old in her community, and to do do projects! I have a new project perfect for beginners. It includes the basic stitches, and skills. The single crochet, chain and combining to colors of yarn in a pattern. Also it teaches how to use graph paper to incorporate pictures. If you want I just started and I will show you how to start it to finishing it. Here you will a crochet a letter of your choice, and add anything else you want! 

Below are the blue prints. Note that these are scaled down versions. I will eventually make it bigger on the actual size. Use the scaled down versions and the larger version just as a guide!

26 April, 2013

Spring means bright yarn!

I love that the weather warmed up! I started to collect more yarn :) but bright colors. Colors like blue, yellow and green. Now that Mommy's day is edging in, crochet her a bouquet of flowers that will never wilt and make her smile everyday :). Below are some sites you can see for crocheted flowers! (and many other projects).

Happy spring!


All free crochet

Red heart

lion brand

22 March, 2013

Loom beanie

      Not many days ago, I began working on a new project, a beanie on a loom. Within a few days I was able to finish about half of it. Still working on it, school decided to interfere with it :/. But this hat is perfect for holding hair back. But if you have a loved one with cancer or someone who lost all of his or her hair this cute beanie might spark some confidence! Also perfect as a present for any teen, male or female! So here are some loovvley pictures to show you what I am working on and will plan on posting a pattern for it as soon as I am finished :).
    Happy Knitting and crocheting :P
This is the "Outside" of it

What shall keep your head nice and toasty :)

12 February, 2013

with spring entering the air crocheted flowers should be everywhere!

        Well March is my favorite month! why? well deffinetly not because my birthday is the fourth and i will be 16!!!!! No, in reality March is spring and its time for bright crocheted flowers! Next week I will post the pattern. Untill then enjoy the snow while you can!

25 September, 2012

Loom Knitting -Long loom

             Hey everyone! So I am home sick :( but am able to post something new. (Actually when I am sick most of the day I do Knit because there is nothing else to do).  I am making a scarf for my self on this loom and I already did almost 1' in one day. It's sort of like express knitting needles if you think about it. So here are the instructions. So here you go!

You need: 
     -Long loom (I used a loom  for thick and bulky yarn)
     -Bulky Yarn
     -Pen Cartridge


   Blue Loom
This is what your loom should look like
This is stitch after you make it

Here are the directions on making this

24 September, 2012

Loom Knitting- Round loom

Subject: Round Loom Knitting

Difficulty - Easy to hard 

Type of stitch taught today- Single knit 

Color of loom -Blue

Project- Scarf

Type of yarn wanted- Bulky 


 Blue loom

 Empty pen Cartridge

Hook (to YO) 
Bulky or thick yarn

What you need to Know:

The pen Cartridge is to easily move the yarn this is optional
The blue loom is for demonstration purposes only. You can use it to make a scarf though! 

Steps: (For the Non-Visual learner) 

1.) Do the slip knot (Same as when you knit) 
2.) Push the yarn through the Cartridge 
3.) Lets Start!

4.) Put the Loop on the side peg 
5.) Make the letter 'e' around the loom
6.) Stop at the center peg but if you want "two sided) scarf you do the entire thing
7.) Repeat step six so you have two loops on each peg
8.) Take the bottom loop and put it over the top loop of the peg and do it until there is one loop on each peg
9.) Repeat step seven-eight until desired length 

Steps for the Visual Learner 


Side peg